Social Media

  Links to the best SOCIAL MEDIA marketing tips In business, if you’re not on Social, you’re probably not in the game anymore.  Sad yes…I rejected it too once…but the longer you resist it, the more money you leaving on the table and the harder you’ll find it to get into. How to Run FB Contests – legally Read more about Social Media[…]


Web DESIGN tips and ideas There’s no excuse for bad design when the whole world wide web is available to you for inspiration.  Colours, layout, imagery, font, are all part of your branding and who you’say’ you are online. Think about it before you create. The ultimate guide to image sizes A real issue with people Read more about Design[…]


Search Engine Optimisation is important and if your website is built on a platform where you have no control of it, you should probably think of moving over to WordPress!  Google needs to be able to find you and you’re competing with websites that put themselves in front of Google very well – so step up! (Most Read more about SEO[…]