January 11, 2018

Website Maintenance

FACT: Hackers and bots are constantly finding new ways to access your site.


This program has been created to keep your site secure and to ensure it does not break or go down for any reason. Prevention is better than cure – if your site were to get hacked it is usually requires a virtual rebuild.

Fortunately the developers of the wordpress platform, themes and plugins are very quick to update their products when vulnerabilities are discovered. The problem is that it is up to YOU to update your site with the latest versions to keep your website as safe as possible.


Websites need to be updated as soon as vulnerabilities are discovered and core/theme/plugin patches are available.



You also need to know you have a clean backup if you find your site has been infected or damaged in any way. Automated backups are great but not totally reliable…sometimes they just stop… you need to keep an eye on all automated and actionable features of your site.  From time to time things do break or simply stop working for no apparent reason…like anything in life…


You can have peace of mind for your valuable investment…who’s looking after YOUR website???


Website Maintenance Package


What’s Included in the package:

  • Weekly updates of WordPress platform, themes and plugins
  • Plugin compatibility check upon update
  • WordPress backup checks (and fix if required)
  • Regular security scans for malicious code
  • Monthly database optimisation
  • Spam removed (if you have a blog/comment system)
  • Broken link alerts
  • Quarterly website settings checked and adjusted where necessary
  • Site update and security scan reports on request

What is not included  (charged out at $90p/h)

  • New content
  • Rebuilding a hacked site
  • Replacing old themes or plugins that become incompatible or unsafe


Bonus extras – While I’m checking your site I’ll also do:

  • 10 minute quick fixes – anything – just call me!
  • Website update advice
  • Social media marketing advice



Grab it now before I change my mind! (most web companies charge twice as much!)

Annual Non Recurring
Just pay once for the next 12 months.
Secure payment through paypal (whether you have an account or not) - just don't forget to renew at the end of 12 months!
Quarterly Recurring
Best Value! Cancel any time - your payments are safe through Paypal.
Set and forget - no more worries about website security!
Monthly Recurring
Paypal pay by the month - automatic payments in small manageable chunks.
It's set and forget and easy to cancel if you need - your website - safe!


**Note – this is a stand alone maintenance program and does not include your Dreamhost hosting and any domain name registration fees.

Feel free to call me on 0403 055 330 if you have any questions.

Useful reading:
If your not so sure about site security you may want to read up HERE – interesting reading!