Web DESIGN tips and ideas

There’s no excuse for bad design when the whole world wide web is available to you for inspiration.  Colours, layout, imagery, font, are all part of your branding and who you’say’ you are online. Think about it before you create.

The ultimate guide to image sizes

A real issue with people who add their own content – worth a read:

The Ultimate Guide To Image Sizes for WordPress

Two GREAT articles – Colour Psychology, and the Science of Fonts. These two articles are deep!


What browser and screen size should I design for?










Source: – Screen resolution 2016-2017

Source: – Browser Market Share 2016-2017


Think! before you pick your website colours

There’s a reason for everything, including colour, very interesting reading.

Branding And The Psychology Of Color – Business Insider.


Psychology of colour

Check out this very cool infographic

Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing – The Buffer Blog

Another good article on colour psychology……Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing – The Buffer Blog.

How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion?

How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion? New research reveals 5 critical mistakes designers make with color
Webpage design often overlooks the element of color and the impact it has on site performance. So in this Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, reveals new research discoveries that explore the relationship between color and conversion.

In this Web clinic replay, you’ll see how one organization discovered a simple change to the flexibility of its color design that increased conversion by 10%. Also, learn how one publication company used color scheme and value proposition testing to increase its home delivery subscriptions by 11%.


How Websites are Built

Virtually every client I have does not quite understand how websites actually exist, and neither would I if I wasn’t doing this stuff every day…so I find myself creating an analogy of a building, land and sign as an illustration on paper so they get the idea….so I thought I had better scan one and share it online as I am constantly drawing it on cafe napkins or wherever I have a client meeting.

This illustration notes the companies that I choose to use and recommend, but are by no means a requirement.

  • A building cannot float – it needs a block of land – a website needs a host.
  • Every building requires an address  so people can find you – you need a sign pointing to your land where your building is.
  • You can have numerous different domain names/ signs pointing to the same site.
  • The names are created at a registrar….any changes to domain names have to be done there.
  • If you want to move your building from one block of land to another, it is possible, but complicated, and things do break and need fixing – if you want to move your website from one web host to another it can be done but it is a complicated job and links break and need to be fixed.