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Links to the best SOCIAL MEDIA marketing tips

In business, if you’re not on Social, you’re probably not in the game anymore.  Sad yes…I rejected it too once…but the longer you resist it, the more money you leaving on the table and the harder you’ll find it to get into.

How to Run FB Contests – legally (great info here for Australian Companies)

How to run a (legal) Facebook competition


How to Use HASHTAGS Properly

Great comprehensive reading form Hubspot (Feb 2017):


Great FACEBOOK reading:

Quite frankly, for advanced and basic Facebook advertising tips Jon Loomer is the gun! I recommend you subscribe to his newsletter.

7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success

Facebook Ads Rejected?

You’ve worked really hard to get your Facebook ad looking just right, your images are perfect, your copy is honed, and your targeting is focussed, you submit it for review, and it ends up rejected,  your ad has not been approved.

Find out why here:


It’s Complex!

If you’ve been quoted what you think is too much for a social media marketing people to implement a strategy then have a look here:

Why Social Marketers Need to Understand the Funnel (And How)

This Almost Sounds Too Good To Be True!

How to market to ALL GENERATIONS?  Some great ideas in this article.

How to Market Your Brand to All Generations with Social, Content, and More

Tracking Social With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is that good that you can and should use it to track your Facebook Ad Campaigns for how people are converting, when, and why, and Google analytics often gives you the bigger picture.